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I am Felicia, and it’s an HONOR to meet you! At the beginning of January 2020, I was just a regular girl, working her 8-5. By the end of January, I was a PUBLISHED AUTHOR. By the time April 2020 rolled around, I had managed to have hundreds of downloads on my Podcast – Boss in the Making, hundreds of book sales, speaking engagements, and had already released TWO MORE books. 


The more I networked, the more I understood what my audience needed, the more I knew I needed to help; and I wanted to help. My first book was independently published, that made life extremely easy for me. It was convenient, and somewhat cost effective. I understand that not everyone wants the pressure of handling it all self-publishing comes with. I also learned that I could make money in NUMEROUS ways, book sales was just a TINY tip of a very LARGE iceberg. Because of that, I opened Hustle Write Publication LLC to help bridge the gap between potential authors, their stories, the people waiting to hear the testimonies, and the paydays that are to come. 


As a 4x author, with more books on the way; I have come to understand the writing and publishing process well. I want to share all that I have so other women can BOSS UP, while being a light in a dark world. 

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You are a BOSS, even if you don’t know it yet. We are ALWAYS looking to share information, details, and tips on how our authors can become successful not just in publishing their book, but once the book is out in the world. 


Felicia is easily annoyed by a million emails a day from the same person. We are NOT interested in spamming you, we are interested in keeping you up to date on ways you can generate income, become more successful, and engage WITH us. 


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Our Mission at Hustle Write Publication LLC is to teach and inspire authors to write and publish with the goal of generating multiple streams of income in mind. We are constantly looking for new innovative and creative ways to encourage and inspire authors to become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to become authors. 


Hustle Write Publication LLC was Founded by Felicia Baxley in 2020. After publishing her first book, she began working with clients who needed help writing their books, and needed a better understanding of how to get published. As a result, Felicia opened Hustle Write Publication LLC as a way to teach, inspire, and encourage amazing women to get their stories out in a convenient way, while not losing their creative control, or their royalties. 


As an Independent Publishing Company, we take care of all the heavy lifting involved with publishing, while ensuring you, as the author, keep your voice. We want to bring YOUR vision to life. Our goal is to help YOU prosper. 


We provide high quality services with extreme proficiency in order to create a smooth and stress free experience for our authors. We provide all of our pricing details upfront; with no hidden fees, surprises, or spamming. You pay for what YOUR VISION needs. We strive to BRING YOUR VISION TO LIFE, and help you learn to generate multiple streams of income along the way. 


Have a project you would like to discuss with Felicia? Schedule a one-hour video consultation where Felicia gives you pointers on your current project, points you in the direction you should go, and creates a custom package for your needs if necessary. Email info@hustlewritepublication.com to schedule.

 Here at Hustle Write, we believe that knowledge is power. We want you to learn what to do, and how to do it the RIGHT way, to ensure your pockets will GROW. We have designed numerous courses, webinars, and trainings to ensure that EVEN IF you decide not to use our services, you have the know how to still become successful doing it yourself! We are NOT here to bully you into investing in services, but rather to serve you to ensure you know how to write, publish, market, and generate multiple income streams the RIGHT way to build wealth and climb the ladder of success. 

Felicia Baxley, Founder 

Hustle Write Publication, LLC




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