How does it work?

Once your invoice has been paid, you will sign your publishing contract and send us your manuscript as well as answer a number of questions concerning your vision for publishing your book. We will start working on publication of your book right away. 

For coaching and ghostwriting services, once invoice is paid you will sign your contract and receive an email to schedule your first call. 

How long does it take?

We strive for publication within 90 days though it may vary for a number of reasons. Should it take longer than 90 days, you will be updated. 

What are your royalty rates? 

We pride ourselves on paying out some of the highest royalty rates in the industry. We pay out 50% for eBooks and 50% for print books.


How are royalties calculated?

Royalties are calculated by multiplying the royalty rate by your retail price then subtracting the cost of printing. 

    (0.50 x $10.99) - $3.80 = $1.70

In the equation above, if the retail cost of your book is $10.99, and it costs $3.80 to print, you would receive a royalty of $1.70 per print book. 

Why do you pay such a high royalty rate? 

We have prided business on ensuring we continue to generate wealth for others. We use the top technologies and automation in the industry to pass along as many savings as possible to our authors. We understand it can be disheartening to see small amounts of royalties coming in and while staying competitive, we want to provide as much reward as we can to push you toward success.

Do I get an author discount to purchase copies?

Yes. Authors will receive a 40% discount on retail price. 

Will my book be error free?

None of us are perfect. We can never guarantee an error free project. Not even the author of a book can present an error free manuscript. We leave room for human error. 

What if I don’t want to be independently published anymore?

You are able to withdraw your book from our publication at any time. There will be a one-time cost of $300 to receive PDF versions and cover files for the work with references to publisher removed from the work. 


What is a title maintenance fee? 

The title maintenance fee is paid yearly by the author to ensure the book continues to stay in circulation. The maintenance fee is $35 per year. 

Do I get free copies of my book when it’s published?

Yes, you get up to 10 free copies of your book. After that, copies can be purchased with the 40% author discount 

Does anyone know you wrote the book if I have it ghostwritten?

No. Our ghostwriting services leave all copyrights and credits to the author. We do not share with anyone that the work was ghostwritten, and you ARE the original author of the work.