Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone knows how to properly tell the story. Because we know this, and we believe your story is a testimony that answers someone else’s prayers, we have created the WRITE IT RIGHT WEBINAR. 

This webinar teaches you HOW to write your story the RIGHT way, and how it can be leveraged to generate multiple income streams. 

This Webinar Includes: 

A PowerPoint presentation given by Felicia

Access to download all slides for reference

What Is Discussed?

  • How To Generate Multiple Income Streams

  • Why You Should Write The Book

  • What Needs To Be Included In The Book & MORE!

Workshops & Events

Not everyone wants to go the Independent Publishing route, and we understand that. That’s why we have created a webinar designed to go over EVERY step to self-publishing. This course includes everything you need to know about self-publishing so you are confident in publishing your own book with less stress & like a PROFESSIONAL.

This Webinar Includes:

Presentation by Felicia

Access to Download All Slides

What Topics Are Covered?


  • What Should Be On Your Cover

  • Formatting & MORE 


No upcoming events at the moment