Behind the Blue Elevator

Coming April 2021

What's It About?

It was Ella’s first day of internship at the Asylum. It wasn’t what she had hoped for, but she went in with her mind made up that she would make the most of it. Soon, she found herself intrigued by a patient in the asylum, Lebannon. He was a middle-aged man who just didn’t seem to fit the bill of a patient in a psychiatric establishment. He was handsome, well-spoken, charming, and all in all seemed to be fully in his right mind. Before she knew it, she was enthralled with him. Even more so, she was captured with the story behind what ended him up at Henry Ellin Asylum. 


Before she knew it, Ella was invested in Lebannon’s recollection of his work with his previous employer, a large company that partook in work so stressful they had a lone elevator on the east side of the building known in the company as the “Suicide Elevator.” 


A company allowing employees to commit suicide if they found themselves too stressed by the work? Could this be true? Was the conspiracy to discard Lebannon because of his inside knowledge real? Or was there something much darker at play?  


Ella would soon learn more than she bargained for with her last minute internship assignment. The truth will be much more than she could have ever imagined. 

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Behind the Blue Elevator


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