Are You Being Consistent?

When this year started, the word laid on my heart was: “Consistency.” I knew no matter what, I was going to need to be consistent. I didn’t know anything except my first book, “The Help Meet: Understanding Your Calling as a Wife” was going to be published. I knew I wanted to be a successful author, and I knew I wanted to generate additional income for myself; but I didn’t know what the process for any of this was going to look like.

Being consistent for me meant ensuring that I put forth the effort in one area or another daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure the goals and desires I had would come to pass. What started as consistently pursuing training, writing, and publishing numerous books quickly became me opening this company.

(Can I let you in on a little secret? I never wanted to be a business owner. But now here I am, constantly trying to help other people with my BUSINESS!)

So my question to you today is, are you being consistent?

As an author, or aspiring author, consistency is key. We hear this to be true in every area of life we can think of, but we are writers soooo, we are applying it to writing. But why is consistency important to us as authors?

For one, without consistently writing, we never have a finished book right? If we were consistent with the theme or plot of our book, the flow would be all off. If we were consistent in our pursuit of learning how to self-publish or finding the right publishing company, we would never get the book out in to the world.

For years, I was inconsistent. For years, in my head I told myself I would be an author one day. Even sat down and wrote a few books. But I didn’t consistently believe that I had the power or the opportunity to turn the me I saw in my head, to the me I could look at in the mirror every day. Is the same true for you?

In what areas should you be consistent, and what does that look like?


Obviously, we have to write, right? Consistency in writing is simply taking the time to write. This doesn’t mean you have to write a certain number of words everyday. It doesn’t even mean you have to write on the same project everyday. But we have to consistently ensure we are working our writing muscles. It may take us a year to finish one project, and that’s okay. But it’s okay if you were being consistent in the process, rather than procrastinating and putting it off.


Whether you are learning better writing techniques, about the publishing process, or anything else; be consistent in your pursuit of the knowledge necessary to make you a successful author. This could be taking courses and webinars, investing in a coaching program, follow certain writing communities, whatever this looks like.

Let me take a moment to say that investing in yourself is going to be NECESSARY in this process. You may not spend as much as the next person, but ensure that investing in yourself is a part of your budget. Having coaches, taking courses, all of these are things the best of us have: Even me!


Listen, one of the most tiring things for me is to market my books. It requires work. It requires effort. It requires you to engage with your audience, put yourself out there, ensure people know what your goal is with your book. Whether you decide to market your book yourself or you hire a company to do it for you, ensure the process is consistent. You don’t want to go hard with marketing your book the first two months then six months later nobody remembers you wrote a book. Why? In six months, you can have so many new people that engage with you online. How will these new people who may rotate in and out of your social media accounts or interviews know you have something to offer if you aren’t talking about it?

There are so many other areas that you could be consistent in, such as the publishing process, the continuous writing process (writing more books). Anything you can think of about your book, you should stay consistent in it. Consistency is the “slow and steady wins the race” that you need to be successful.

Get started, restart, then do it consistently. You don’t have to spend 5 hours a day doing anything, just take 15 minutes a day to ensure whatever area you need to be more consistent in, you become automatically consistent in.


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