Exclusive Interview: Dr. Alison Ezell

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. turned Author, Alison Ezell. She shared with Hustle Write Publication LLC her journey to becoming an author, and shared a little bit about what her experience was like.

As you all know here at Hustle Write Publication LLC, we strive to ensure authors understand the purpose and gravity in sharing their own story, as well as the importance of allowing your book to generate multiple streams of income. Dr. Alison Ezell is the epitome of what Hustle Write Publication LLC stands for, and has developed to only a successful career, but has successfully become an author and entrepreneur as well.

Here are a few things Dr. Alison had to say:

You are an AUTHOR! What is it like to see your finished product out in the world?

It feels amazing.  This is something that I have been wanting to do for a few years now and I am excited that it has manifested.

What made you want to write “The Gift of Ruin”? 

I wanted to tell a little bit about my story and to also inspire others.  I want others to learn from the mistakes I made in life, so they do not have to repeat them. 

Outside of being an author, what do you do? 

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic who loves being active, loves anything vegan and vegetarian and having to do with being in nature. I love being around good energy and people that inspire me.  I teach people how to live in their truth of what God intended for us, which is not sickness, poverty and disease.  I inspire people through chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, developing a positive mindset, and detoxification. 

Do you offer services or products? If so please name a few and why they matter. 

Yes, I have my own line of herbal supplements and I started this because the food that we consume today is not the same food that our ancestors/grandparents ate. It is void of a lot of nutrients and not to mention the genetically modifying foods that are constantly being produced and shoved down our throats.  So, I wanted to produce something that will help combat that, help reduce and reverse disease and help people once again get closer to living a healthy and fulfilled life. 

Is your book self-published, or traditionally published? How did you decide which route to take? 

My book is traditionally published, and I went that route because I had absolutely no idea on how to get started.  I knew I needed guidance and accountability. 

What was your publishing process like? What kind of hiccups or great aha moments did you encounter in the process?

I think my publishing process went smooth.  The only hiccups I had were writer’s block and having some fear in telling the truth about my story; being open and vulnerable.

What was the moment or encounter that confirmed for you this book needed to be written? 

Going through a divorce really opened my eyes to the mistakes I made in the areas of personal development, finance, spirituality, etc.  I had to do a lot of healing in those areas and I noticed that many men and women have those same experiences.  There is a lot of information that we do not know and a lot of things that are not typically discussed or taught in our culture and I wanted to bring those to forefront. 

There are a number of things you talk about in your book. Among them are Marriage & Relationships, and Wealth Building. Why were those two topics of such importance that they made it into the book?

They are of importance because they are the topics that I felt that I struggled with the most in life.  I made a lot of mistakes in those areas and I don’t want others to go down the route that I did.  I am a firm believer that success leaves clues and others don’t have to make the same mistakes you did, they should be able to learn from them and continue on their road to success whatever that looks like for them. 

What’s the overall takeaway you desire readers to have once they put your book down? 

I want them to have awareness.  Awareness of themselves. Self-Reflect.  I want people to seek mentorship and the knowledge in order to progress them and their families forward in life. 

What was the hardest part about writing and publishing your book?

The hardest part was just allowing the thoughts and the words to flow, no matter how good or bad I thought they were.  You must get them out of your head and onto paper and allow the organization to happen later. 

What new opportunities have you experienced since publishing your book?

I have had more podcast and speaking opportunities since publishing the book so that is exciting because I love teaching and speaking. 

If you could see anything in the world take place with, or because of your book, what would it be?

More family/legacy building.  As a culture we have so much spending power, yet we leave nothing (monetary or even knowledge) to the generation that comes behind us.  I want people to find out what their purpose is on this earth and get in alignment with it, because time is one of our most valuable assets and we cannot afford to waste it any longer. 

If you went back in time, what advice would you give your younger self? 

Speak your truth.  I went through counseling before I wrote the book and one thing she said to me that stood out was that I’m the type of person that always wants to keep the peace; so I keep my feelings and thoughts inside.  Her exact words were, “You must stand up for yourself, set boundaries.  You have a voice….USE IT.”

Never be afraid to speak your truth because of what others may think or say about you.  

Be sure to follow Dr. Ezell on her social media platforms listed below for more inspiration about her journey, life lessons, and entrepreneurship.

IG: @DrAlisonEzell

FB: Alison Ezell, DC



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