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Updated: Aug 22, 2020

You are an AUTHOR! What is it like to see your finished product out in the world?

It is an amazing feeling of accomplishment to see your book in readers hands. 

What made you want to write “Bitch Hunt”? 

I began writing Bitch Hunt 2 years ago after my arrest and trial.  After my ordeal, I decided wanted others to know what happened to me as black female attorney.  And I looked for black female attorneys who had similar stories. 

Outside of being an author, what do you do? 

I am an attorney, I practice many areas of law such as Family Law, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, and other legal matters. 

Is your book self-published, or traditionally published? How did you decide which route to take? 

I had planned to self-published but I located a publisher who only publishes black female writers, ultimately, I decided to go with that publisher.  

What was your publishing process like? What kind of hiccups or great aha moments did you encounter in the process?

The publishing process is like most things that your expectations are high for things to go smoothly and sometimes it does not.

There were a few things that I did not like:

My book cover appeared to be too dark

Obtaining hardcover books was weeks of problems

Yes, I have had an Aha moment and book 2 will be handled completely different

How did you come up with the title “Bitch Hunt”? 

The name was a combination of a few things, it was similar to Witch Hunt except these women were black hence the name Bitch Hunt! 

Were you afraid it wouldn’t be perceived well? If so, how did you push past it?

Yes, there many times that I struggled with my little voice telling me that this was not a good idea and that I should stop writing these stories. 

I would have talks with myself and remind myself how great a person I was and how what I was doing was important and that it was okay if no one thought the stories were good.  I told myself none of those things mattered, the only thing that was important was that I finished writing these stories no matter what. 

I pushed past it by mediating and talking positive to myself. 

What was the moment or encounter that confirmed for you this book needed to be written? 

During my ordeal, I knew that I had to let people know that this was not Ok and to let women know that it is okay to Stand Up for yourself even when others will not. 

What’s the overall takeaway you desire readers to have once they put your book down? 

What was the hardest part about writing and publishing your book?

The number one thing as shipping issues with the Hardcover which was mostly due to the Pandemic. 

What new opportunities have you experienced since publishing your book?

Meeting and Talking to people like yourself and receiving so many positive feedbacks on my book. 

Have you experienced any opposition because of your book? How did you handle it? 

As of today, No I have not.  If I were to experience any opposition, I would to address in whichever many it seems appropriate at the time the situation arises. 

If you could see anything in the world take place with, or because of, your book, what would it be?

Yes, stop believing that Black Females/Women do not matter.  Stop this foolishness that by speaking out or standing up for ourselves makes us Too Aggressive, Too Much and Bitch.  

We human and want and demand the same respect without apologizing for being who we are! 


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