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This week, our podcast Boss in the Making had the pleasure of interviewing Yladrea Drummond. It was an amazing talk, you can find the link to take a listen here. She has also taken the time to delve a little more into her journey with us here on our blog.

We asked Yladrea a number of questions to better understand her thought process during her journey, and to further help our authors become encouraged to start, or continue, their journey. Yladrea shares some of her greatest struggles and successes with us to ensure we know what we are getting ourselves into.

How do you feel knowing you are now a published author?

Well I am not officially a published author yet. But on September 1, 2020, I am

certain it will be surreal. I am so excited and ready to get to that day. It has been a

journey and probably the hardest thing I’ve done since law school.

What made you want to write “Through These Eyes: Surrendering The Ties Of My


It was necessary. It was my own confirmation that I had made it through the storm.

But it was time for someone to address mental health and trauma unapologetically

in the black community. It was time to step into the light and stop hiding behind the

ancestral norms of silence. I figured if no one else will, why not me.

Outside of being an author, what do you do?

I work heavily in the political space, with the overall mission of flipping the United

States blue. I am the founder of Capital Strategies, LLC which is the first declared

black woman owned political compliance firm in the US. Additionally, I am the

founder of The Ink Up an organization dedicated to expanding the power of black

literature and those behind the black ink. Above all things, I am a wife and mother of

my two amazing sons.

Do you offer services or products? If so please name a few and why they matter.

My compliance firm offers compliance and financial services to those running for

office, non profits and corporations.

Is your book self-published, or traditionally published? How did you decide which

route to take?

My book is self published. I chose this route because after some research I knew that

I wanted to write this book in a certain time frame and I wanted creative control.

Self publishing allowed me to meet both of my needs.

What was your publishing process like? What kind of hiccups or great aha moments

did you encounter in the process?

The entire process was rocky, to say the least. I had to have my hands in every step. I

am extremely picky and deadline driven. So it was a struggle when my literary coach

would set deadlines for me or give me constructive crtiticism. I just had to learn to

accept others input and way of doing certain things. But in the end, I look back and it

was all worth it.

What happened that made you decide it was time to write this book?

I kept saying I would write a book one day. But years kept passing and still no book

was written. Later I realized what I wanted to write about I wasn’t past it yet. But

once I was on the other side of things, I knew it was time to share myself with the


Was it difficult to reveal some of the hard parts of your journey when writing the


No. Not at all. It was hard to write it because it would force me to think about all of the rough patches. It was hard only because I wanted to do my story justice, without it turning into a bitter tell all. So I had to figure out how to be tasteful yet raw at the same time.

What’s the overall takeaway you desire readers to have once they put your book


I want them to know that it is never too late to choose themselves and heal. There is

no time frame on healing. I want them to know that it is okay to work on their

mental health and they don’t have to feel hostage to their trauma. Most importantly,

I want them to feel empowered in their journey and continue to work towards the

best version of themselves each day.

What was the hardest part about writing and publishing your book?

The hardest part was the editing phase. Allowing someone else to read what I wrote

and then hearing what they think of it all. The ability to receive criticism isn’t always


What new opportunities have you experienced since publishing your book?

So many people have asked me to speak on their podcast or virtual lives. I have been

getting inviations to do conferences if and when COVID goes away. I have just made

so many new connections.

If you could see anything in the world take place with, or because of, your book,

what would it be?

That it helps someone heal. Even if it is just one person, that would be enough for


How did you market your book?

I used social media on which I posted several times about its upcoming release. I

was a guest on several podcast and IG live events where we discussed the book. I

also have a book launch team. They have been a huge help in the final phase of


What will you do differently for your next book?

I am unsure. I know that the next book will be about a topic that hits close to home.

One day I hope to challenge myself to write a fiction book. But that is a whole

separate beast. So I will try one day.

IG: @iam.yladrea_d

Facebook: @iamyladread

Twitter: @iam_yladread


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