Love Language, Through Food? Meet Terrell Manning, The Chef Behind The Love Languages of Food

With so many young authors and entrepreneurs, we take great pride in sharing their journeys. This not only gets their story out there, but also encourages YOU to be well on your way to success as well!

This week we sat down with Terrell Manning, a chef who took his passion for cooking just a bit further.

Your book encourages the reader to determine their characteristics as a foodie,

what encouraged you to write about such a topic?

Over the years I’ve noticed that there are certain types of attitudes, mindsets, and

experiences that plays apart into ones palate and appetite, a lot of times people don’t even

realize it so I simply factored in my personal experiences to comprehend everyone’s love

languages from a good stand point.

What made you want to include the love languages in your writing?

Writing for me is just like cooking, it is a passion, when I have a burning desire to deliver

a message I always deliver, whether it be on a plate or in a book.

How has writing about your own passion in your craft changed you?

It has made me appreciate my past experiences ten times more that what I once did.

What encouraged you to finally write this book?

I ran out of excuses to not write the book

Outside of being an author, what do you do?

Chef, entrepreneur, father

Do you offer services or products? If so please name a few and why they matter.

I offer a healthy food delivery service named HealthyEatzDelivery and also a catering

business named Manning Catering

Is your book self-published, or traditionally published? How did you decide which

route to take?

Decided to traditionally publish to help guide me through the steps of publishing.

What was your publishing process like? What kind of hiccups or great aha moments

did you encounter in the process?

Just understanding the attention to detail that actually goes into publishing a book, it’s a

lot like preparing a dish.

What was the best part about writing this book?

The feeling of reliving the moments from up and down times in my career.

What do you want readers to gain by the time they have finished reading your book?

Hopefully they better understand their culinary love languages and take on a whole new

appreciation for the sac and craftsmenship of chefs, cooks, prep cooks, dish washers etc...

What was the hardest part about writing and publishing your book?

Finishing the writing and realizing that the real process has only begun.

Knowing what you know now about publishing, what would you do different for

your next book?

Give plenty of time for publishing

If you went back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Stay humble young man, stay humble.


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